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Frequent Questions
   How are your sculptures different from others I see on the Internet?
 ▪ Why are your prices so low?
 ▪ Why should I order from your company?
 ▪ How long will it take to receive my sculpture?
 ▪ How will my sculpture be packaged and shipped?
 ▪ What happens if my sculpture is damaged in shipment?
 ▪ What if I don’t like the sculpture after I purchase it?
 ▪ Do you have other sculptures not listed on your web site?
 ▪ How do I place an order?
 ▪ Can I get a catalog?
 ▪ Do you do custom sculptures?
 ▪ Do I have a choice in colors?
 ▪ Are you sculptures painted?
 ▪ What types of payment do you accept?
 ▪ What are your hours?
 ▪ How do I secure my outdoor sculpture?

What is different about your sculptures than others I see on the Internet?
This is a very important question and I will try to address this in detail.  We are a reputable art gallery and as such we only carry high quality art.  Some of our sculptures have been copied all over the world because the copyrights have expired and the molds are readily available on the commercial market.  However, that is where the similarities end.  Many bronze sculptures on the market today are mass-manufactured using very low quality standards.  The bronze is paper thin leaving them susceptible to damage.  Often the patina finish is not patina at all, but industrial paint made to look like patina.  Click here for a discussion of Asian verses American bronze
Many bronze sculptures are imported from Thailand where the standards for bronze are much lower than the US.   Bronze is a copper alloy and in the United States the minimum standard for bronze is 90% copper content.  Overseas they use only 65-70% copper and often less.  Here in the USA we call that yellow brass.  The copper is usually recycled from everything including car radiators, pipes and you name it.  This matters a great deal in the look of the patina and it’s durability when placed outdoors.  Often the metal won't even take a patina which is why they use paint. An experienced dealer can recognize an imported bronze immediately and you can often tell just from a photograph. Click here for a discussion of patina and color choices.

We work directly with the bronze foundries that cast our sculptures and demand the highest quality materials and workmanship.  All of our sculptures are made by companies located in the United States.  We know the foundry staff personally, visit them regularly and are on the phone with them several times a day.  We use pure, high-quality bronze ingot that has a copper content of 90.23%.  We would be happy to send you copies of the metallurgical report and pictures of the actual bronze ingot used to make our sculptures.  We don't take any shortcuts, so it can take 2-3 weeks to complete just one sculpture.
A bronze sculpture collection is a wonderful thing.  A quality bronze sculpture will last for hundreds of years even if placed outdoors.  The artistry and craftsmanship will amaze you every time you look at it.  They are often passed down in families from generation to generation and coveted by those who receive them.  However, a poor quality piece can be an eyesore and a decision that you regret every time you look at it.  Seventy percent of our business comes from repeat customers or referrals from customers.  That is a fact in which we take a great deal of pride and speaks volumes about the quality of our work.

Our customer service is absolutely the best.  When you call here or place an order online, you are not received by a telemarketing call center.  In fact, your call or is taken by the owner of the company.  If you have a problem you are not routed to a customer service center, your problem is handled by the owner of the company.  We take a great deal of pride in our business.  This isn't a side job, this is our profession. 
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Why are your prices so low?

The owner of The Large Art Company has been a bronze collector for more than 20 years.  Before opening the business he owned a software company that made government software.  In 2000 he sold the company and basically retired at 41 and opened the gallery.  Therefore maximizing profits has never been a goal of our business. 

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Why should I order from your company?
We are a reputable art gallery and artist studio and you can come and visit us anytime you want.  We are a small business so when you place an order with us you are very likely to speak with the owner of the company.  Here you won't find vast cubicles of telemarketing representatives.  If you do have a problem such as lost or damaged shipment you will speak with the same person that took your order. 

We have heard a lot of horror stories about people buying on the Internet and never getting their merchandise and others passing off cheap imports and mass-produced sculpture as high-quality works.  We have been featured in local and national publications including USA Today, The Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Business Journal and more.  Our works grace some of the finest homes, business and institutions in the United States. 
Experience. Richard Rist the gallery owner has over 20 years experience collecting, buying and selling art.  Mr. Rist is an artist himself.  We know the business and have made many mistakes over the years.  That is why we know better than to deal in "bargain" sculptures.
We stand behind every sale we make with the best guarantee in the business.  Please read the section on our guarantee.
The sculptures you see are the very same ones we display in the gallery, so you can feel confident that the sculpture you receive will be the quality you expect. We don't carry every sculpture available on the market because much if it is inferior quality.  We inspect every piece of art before we offer it for sale.
Most of the sculptures we offer on our web site are or have been in our gallery.  As a result we have high quality, close-up photographs from different angles so you can see exactly what you’re buying.  Also, if you want more pictures from a different angle we are happy to do that for you and send them by email.
We deal directly with the foundries and artists that make our sculptures.  There are no dealer, wholesalers or middlemen of any kind between us and the source.  Therefore, our prices are very reasonable.  I have seen others offer the same pieces we have for double the price.  Furthermore, we will match any advertised price for the same size and quality sculpture.
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How long will it take to receive my sculpture?
Many of the sculptures we offer are in stock and ready for shipment.  If they are in stock you can expect delivery in 1-2 weeks or less depending on your location.  Click here for more information on transit times.  If they are not in stock we will have a new one made for you.  And you can expect delivery in 4 weeks or less. Likewise if you want to special order a piece in a particular color delivery will be about 4 weeks.
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How will my sculpture be packaged and shipped?
Sculptures weighing less than 120 pounds are sent by UPS. We use state-of-the-art packaging which includes completely wrapping the sculpture in bubble wrap and then filling the box with spray foam that completely envelops the sculpture so that it will not shift in transit.
Larger sculptures are sent by truck.  The sculpture is completely wrapped in bubble wrap and placed on a pallet.  Then a wood frame is built around the sculpture and covered in cardboard.  When the sculpture arrives at a trucking terminal in your they will call you to schedule a mutually convenient delivery time. 
The trucks are quipped with a lift gate so you do not need any type of loading dock to receive the delivery.  The driver will get the sculpture off of the truck and will use a pallet jack to move it a short distance so that it is out of the way. Relax - we specialize in large art so we have done this many times before.
Note that generally truck drivers to not offer installation services.  We have heard of drivers willing to help for a generous tip, but we recommend you do not plan on this.  For complete shipping information click here.
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What happens if my sculpture is damaged in shipment?
We take great care to package our art for a safe journey and we rarely encounter any problems.  But when you are shipping heavy and bulky packages over a long distance things can happen. PLEASE inspect your package upon arrival.  If you see noticeable damage to the outside of the packaging, have the driver wait while you open it up and inspect the contents.  If you or the driver do not have time to open the package make a note on the bill that it was NOT INSPECTED.
If you notice damage to the sculpture while the driver is still there, simply refuse the shipment and it will be returned to us at no cost to you.
If you notice damage to the sculpture after the driver has departed, save your packaging and call or email us immediately.  We will have the damaged sculpture picked back up and returned to us at no cost to you.  Once we receive the damaged sculpture we will have a new one sent to you as soon as possible.  This guarantee costs more than the profit we make on a sculpture, but 70% of our business is repeat customers or referrals from others, so this is a commitment we plan to keep.
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What if I don’t like the sculpture after I purchase it?
No problem. We try to provide you with big, clear, close-up pictures so you know what you are getting.  But we understand that sometimes things just don’t look like you thought they would after you get them.  If this happens, save your packaging and package it back up and return it. We will gladly refund your money less the cost of shipping.  The only exception to this policy is that custom orders are not returnable.
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Do you have other sculptures not listed on your web site?
Yes, we have many other sculptures that are not listed on our web site.  In addition, we have access to many more through our network of artists and foundries.  If you are looking for something particular and do not see it here you can send us an email and we will try to find it for you.
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How do I place an order?
If you ask me, the easiest way to place an order is to give us a call. That’s why we have a toll-free number.  However, they tell me our web site offers state-of-the-art security for online transactions.  If you see something you like click the “Add to cart” button then either continue shopping or click the 'Checkout' button and complete the necessary fields.  If you encounter any problems feel free to send us an email or call.
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Can I get a catalog?
Unfortunately we don't have a printed catalog. We are an art gallery and our inventory changes frequently.  Therefore, any catalog would be out of date when it was printed.  Also, by using the web site as a catalog we are able to provide multiple big, clear, images of each item.  We try to keep our web site up to date, but if you are looking for something particular you should give us a call.  Also, we have electronic catalogs you can download.  Ask us for additional information.
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Do you do custom sculptures?
Absolutely!  The Large Art Company represents some the most talented artists of our time.  Please take a look at our custom sculpture area to see examples of our work.  However, it is not cheap.  The upfront costs include the artist to create an original in clay, mold makers and casting. If you're interested in discussing a custom project please feel free to call or drop us an email and we can give you a ballpark estimate for your project at no cost to you.
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Do I have a choice in colors?
Yes. Almost all of our sculptures can be customized with your choice of colors.  You can choose from the traditional chocolate brown, a very dark brown almost black, gold tone, dark hunter green, a light Verdi green, a dark Verdi green called Rodin green, and burgundy. Normally the artists are left to select the colors they like best.  But if you have a preference we would be happy to work with you and there is no additional cost.  Click here for more information on patina colors.
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Are your sculptures painted?
Absolutely not! Bronze coloration is called a patina and is achieved through a process called patination.  During this process the bronze is reheated and chemicals are applied to the hot bronze that cause a chemical reaction and actually change the surface color of the bronze. However, this is not true of many sculptures on the market today.  Click here for more information on patina colors.
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What types of payment do you accept?
We accept just about any form of payment. Master Card, Visa or American Express credit cards.  Money orders, cashiers checks, and even personal or business checks.  For governmental institutions, we will also accept a purchase order.  Please understand that for personal or business checks we have to wait for the check to clear (usually 3 days) before shipping.
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What are your hours?
The Internet in an important part of our business so we try to be available for you as much as possible.  We are usually available 7 days a week 365 days a year, so unless you call in the middle of the night you are very likely to reach someone able to help you.  I will add though that our gallery is 3 stories high and during business hours we can often be found giving tours of the gallery or taking care of the grounds.  Getting back to the phone when it rings is sometimes impossible before it goes to voice mail. If that happens, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Our gallery is open for visitors by appointment.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time.  During off hours we return calls and emails as soon as possible.
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How do I secure my outdoor sculpture?
All of our bronze statuary can be easily secured into the ground or concrete.  For an additional charge of $50 we will weld mounting nuts into the bottom of your sculpture.  On most sculptures they will be unnoticeable to the casual observer. At any hardware store you can buy 3/8" lag bots or "J" bolts that will screw into the nuts we weld under the sculpture. Click here for complete installation instructions.

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