Dear Shoppers,

If you have been shopping for bronze sculpture on the Internet there is a good chance you have come across a company named World of Bronzes (WorldBronzes.com).  This company has been rated "F" by the Better Business Bureau and we thought you should know.  Click here to read the complete BBB Report on the World of Bronzes

For several years we have been getting complaints from their customers and for the past two years we have been investigating their activities.  I have filed numerous reports with the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau related to their false and misleading advertising.  The BBB wrote to the company several times asking them to correct their advertising and were unable to get an adequate response.  Recently, we have been getting numerous calls from customers that never received their orders and can get no response from the company.  We have no affiliation with them or any knowledge about what is going on.  If you are having a problem, we highly recommend you contact your credit card company for a refund and file your own complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The consumer complaints have piled up and recently the BBB gave them an "F" rating and wrote a scathing report on the World of Bronzes activities. Here is just an excerpt from that report: Click here to read the complete BBB Report on the World of Bronzes

"Some complainants allege the company misrepresents the size or the quality of their merchandise, or that ordered items arrive defective, or are not the same item they ordered. Other customers complain of excessive shipping delays, or the company fails to ship ordered merchandise at all. In other cases, complainant’s report the company fails to acknowledge receipt of returned items, thus, they are unable to obtain refunds. Several customers report poor or inadequate customer service, or inability to contact the company at all..."

If that weren't bad enough, the BBB went on to review their advertising and concluded that the companies advertising was misleading.

Click here to read the complete BBB Report on the World of Bronzes


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