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Cougar in a Tree Statue
  Retail Price: $7,305.00
  Our Price:   $4,675.00
Mounting nuts welded under sculpture for permanent installation

Cougar in a Tree Life-Size by Antoine Barye

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Life-size bronze Cougar statue recreated from a sculpture done by Antoine Barye (France) in the late 1800's. This is a beautiful sculpture with the cougar stalking down a tree ready to pounce on his prey.  The anatomy of a cat (feline) is almost identical among various species.  When cast in bronze, a cougar looks just like a panther, mountain lion, etc. etc. 

This is a very cool sculpture and would make an excellent mascot for a school or university. Yes, we accept purchase orders and are an approved US government contractor.

Measures 56" tall x 46" wide and 22" deep.

We can weld mounting nuts under the base for a secure permanent installation.

We normally cast this piece with the brown cat and highlights of green on the tree as shown in the pictures. However, we can also do it in all brown or a light brown cat and dark brown tree or any combination you like.

Feel free to order online, but we love to have you call too. It allows us to at least put a voice with the order and answer any questions. If you want this cast differently than the pictures be sure to give us a call.

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