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Custom made

Custom Sculpture Projects

Public art projects are a specialty of The Large Art Company.  Our artists are some of the finest sculptors of our time.  Click on the image above to see more examples of past public art projects.

As you can see in the photographs here and in our other custom sculpture sections, we can handle even the most challenging situations.  The detail and the quality just pour from these sculptures.

The Large Art Company is a fine art gallery in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in bronze sculpture and statuary.  We work with individuals, corporations, government agencies, schools, universities and organizations all of types for our open edition pieces and custom bronze sculptures.  We are a registered US government contractor and we are happy to bid on your projects. 

Public art projects are not cheap.  A commission can run anywhere from $25,000 to several hundred thousand dollars depending on the size and complexity.  That said, where would we be if no one invested in public art?  Public art can literally transform neighborhoods, revitalize business districts and increase property values.  More importantly they tell a story of our time, our place.  All the public art together tells the history of mankind.  Artistic expression, people, and events are all worthy of public art displays. 

We understand that a public art commission is not the solution for many budgets.  That is why we offer more general sculptures as open editions for a fraction of the cost.  They may not be exactly what you are looking for, but you can always add a plaque to send the message or sentiment you wish to convey.  Please feel free to browse the categories to the right for a suitable sculpture.  Also, if you don't find what you need please call.  We have access to many more statues than we carry on our web site. 

Our Public Art services include:

  • Create design and coordinate for site specificity

  • Enlarge  in clay with life-like details.

  • Make rubber molds for lost-wax-casting.

  • Foundry costs to cast in bronze and finishing and patina.

  • Shipping

  • On site installation or coordinate installation with local company.

  • Contractor’s liability insurance, labor, overhead, materials supplies. etc.

The Process

When you hire us to do your public art project we make it easy.  We usually begin with a design project that can run between $500 and $2,000 (can go higher for very complex projects).  You may have ideas or you may want us to create a concept from your description.  Either way we develop sketches and drawings of the final project and associated cost. 

Once we are in agreement, the project can commence.  We require 25% to start, 50% upon approval of the clay sculpture and the final 25% upon delivery.  We will send you frequent photographs of our progress for your approval.  

When the clay sculpture is completed we will again send you digital images for your approval.  If you would like to visit you are more than welcomed to do so.  Upon approval we will begin the molding and casting process. 

We can provide installation service for an additional fee, but we are also happy to coordinate installation with a local company of your choosing included in the price of the completed sculpture. 


If you are interested in more details about a public art project, please call us to talk more specifically about your project.  With a little information we can give you a ballpark estimate for your project.  If budget is an issue you might like to consider a more general sculpture that captures the sentiment and meaning of the project and use a bronze plaque to tell the story. 

Public Art is our specialty.  There is no guesswork that we will deliver.  We have done these many times before.  The quality is superb and the compliments will last for decades. 




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