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Yearling Horse Statue
  Retail Price: $7,320.00
  Our Price:   $4,775.00
Mounting nuts welded under sculpture for permanent installation

"The Yearling" by P.J. Mene

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We are proud to present this magnificent bronze sculpture of "The Yearling" by PJ Mene' (pronounced Men-ay). This is a precise life-size rendering of a one year-old horse. What a spirited expression of elegance and grace! Can't you just picture this in front of your home or business?  We have even known of people to put this indoors.  However, it will last for hundreds of years outdoors with very little maintenance.  For more information about care and cleaning click here.

The measurements are 72" tall at the ears (6-feet) x 87" long.

This is a high quality bronze casting made at an American foundry and cast in the lost-wax method of bronze casting using high quality bronze.  They are hand-made from start to finish.  I point this out because there are a lot of horse statues being imported from Asia where the quality standards are much lower than the US.  You may have seen a similar horse statue before because the copyrights to Mene's work have long since expired and the molds are readily available on the market.  We have these cast ourselves so we know exactly how they are made and what goes into them.  For more information about what makes our bronze sculptures and bronze statues different, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Color Options:  Since we have these cast ourselves we can offer lots of choices in colors.  Two popular colors are shown in the pictures above (click on the image to get more pictures).  The most common color choice is a standard statuary brown.  The color is almost black and offers a beautiful silhouette.  Another popular choice is a bay color combination with a copper-tone colored body and dark brown mane, tail and socks.  We also have a light brown patina that can be used for the body as well.  Another choice is to have the entire horse done in an antique Verdi green. 

For some it might be important to explain that the colors are achieved by heating the bronze and applying chemicals to the bronze that literally changes the surface color of the bronze.  This process is known as patination and the result is known as the patina.  There is no paint whatsoever.

Installation:  This statue is stable on all hour hooves and will stand just fine if it is on a hard level surface.  We have one of these in front of the gallery and he is resting on 4 round pavers from Home Depot.  He has been through several inland hurricanes and many snow and rain storms.  However, we can also install mounting nuts into the bottom of 2 hooves for more secure and permanent installations.  The mounting nuts are discretely hidden under the hooves and are not visible.  You can see a permanent installation in the pictures above.  We usually advise getting the mounting nuts for this piece just in case you wish do do a permanent mount sometime in the future.  It's a lot easier to put them in when it is being made than later.  The welding fee is $50.  For more information about permanent installation click here.

Ordering:  Feel free to order this online and just make any notes about colors in the message section during checkout or send us an email.  However, we love to have you call too.  That allows us to at least put a voice with the sale and answer any questions. 

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