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Girl Playing Flute Statue
  Retail Price: $4,975.00
  Our Price:   $3,230.00
Mounting nuts welded under sculpture for permanent installation

Girl Playing Flute by Herbert

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This peaceful sculpture of Girl Playing Flute will bring music to any garden. We have cast this using high quality American bronze. This sculpture will look great in a garden, a school or park setting. It is intended for outdoor display and will last for hundreds of years with little maintenance.

Measurements: 57" tall by 31" wide and 17" deep.

Weight: Approximately 100 lbs.

Artist: by Herbert

Availability: This sculpture is often in stock. However, if you need customization please allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery.


About our Children Sculptures:

Our children sculptures, like all of our sculptures, are some of the highest quality available.  These are not mass produced or arrive in a shipping container from some unknown source in Asia.  We are a bronze sculpture company and that is all we do.  We make military and veteran monuments and memorials all over the United States and they are cast by the very same craftsman who make your sculpture.  Quality is very important to us.  Similar sculptures are made all over the world because the copyrights have expired and the molds are readily available on the commercial market. However, that is where the similarities end. For more information about what makes our bronze sculptures and statues different, we invite you to read the article About Us or the article explaining Why you should buy from The Large Art Company

Color Choices - The standard way we cast our children sculptures is with what we refer to as multi-color patina.  However, many people prefer all classic statuary brown for a more traditional look.  The multi-color finish the skin is a golden brown and the clothing is a mixture of Verdi green, burgundy, hunter green, and light and dark brown.  Both are very nice and weather the same.  Color selection is more a matter of preference. For more information about colors Click Here.

Mounting Nuts - Mounting nuts can be welded under the sculpture for a secure permanent installation.  You may not need then in a residential setting, but they are highly recommended for public art installations.  There is an additional fee of $50 to have mounting nuts welded into the sculpture For more information on installation click here.

Other modifications - Since we work directly with the foundries that cast our sculptures, we can mix and match children or reposition if necessary.

Availability - Unlike our competitors, we do NOT mass produce our bronze sculptures, or haul them to the US in shipping containers from unknown places in Asia.  However, we do keep some of our more popular sculptures cast and in stock. When you are ready to order, please call about availability.  If we have one made we can ship it to you in 5-10 days, depending on your location.  If we need to make one from scratch please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.  We will review all of these details before you finalize your order.

Plaques - Depending on the situation, you may be interested a bronze plaque to go with your sculpture.  They can be a nice addition for public art displays to indicate the significance of the sculpture to you or your organization.  Sometimes our sculptures are displayed in memory of someone lost or in honor of someone special.  Other times they are displayed by civic groups and plaques can be used to recognize their effort or contribution.  No matter the reason, a bronze plaque can be a tasteful finishing touch on your sculpture display.  Our bronze plaques are cast of high quality bronze and have been used on some of the most important monument displays around the United States and will last for centuries.

Some of our sculptures will accommodate a plaque attached directly to the sculpture or it can be displayed separately on a stake-mount or post-mount.  Each plaque is custom made with your choice of size and wording.  We can even integrate metal etched photographs into a plaque.  Just to give you an idea, most dedication plaques of this nature cost between $300 - $500, plus the cost of special services such as metal photos or stake-mounts. If you think a bronze plaque might be a nice addition to your sculpture display you should give us a call and we can explain your options and pricing.  To see some examples of plaques we have made in the past visit the Bronze Plaques section on our website

Ordering - Feel free to order online, but we really prefer that you call. It allows us to at least put a voice with the order and answer any questions.  Even if you place your order online you will hear from us to confirm all of details of your order.   

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