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Horsethief 22" (Original size)
  Retail Price: $1,465.00
  Our Price:   $1,060.00
Horsethief 9.75" - Mini size
  Retail Price: $405.00
  Our Price:   $295.00
Horsethief 32" - Jumbo size
  Retail Price: $4,555.00
  Our Price:   $2,845.00

Horsethief by Frederic Remington

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The Horse Thief was a successful bronze sculpture despite Frederic Remington's concern that the different textures would not translate well in bronze. The smooth texture of the horse and rider contrasted with the rough buffalo hide and base.  The original measured 23" in height, and was completed in 1907.


Original - 22" tall x 20" wide

Mini - 9.75" tall x 9.5" wide

Jumbo - 32" tall x 32" wide

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About our Frederic Remington statues

We are a bronze sculpture company, and that is all that we do.  We make sculptures for Veteran and Military and all types of monuments and memorials around the United States, so quality is important to us.  We have studied the original Remington sculptures and our reproductions are true in every detail.  Each sculpture is museum quality and hand-cast in high-quality bronze using the "lost-wax" method of bronze casting. They are made one at a time by skilled artists and include a solid marble base and nameplate.

The rich chocolate brown patina is applied by hand. We work directly with the foundries that cast our sculptures so we know exactly what goes into them and how they are made. All of our sculptures are the highest quality on the market and are true to the originals in every detail. Even the signature is reproduced in the bronze.  These are quality pieces of bronze sculpture that you will be proud to own and display. They will remain family heirlooms for generations to come.

We work directly with the bronze foundry, so there are no wholesaler or dealer mark-ups. Similar quality sculptures are often double our price. The desktop statue comes in various sizes as outlined above. We also offer even larger stand-alone editions. For more information about the artist, how they are made, cleaning, etc.; please see our Additional Resources section below.

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