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Fallen Soldier Battle Cross By Richard Rist
  Retail Price: $10,500.00
  Our Price:   $5,995.00

Fallen Soldier Battle Cross By Richard Rist

About our Fallen Soldier Battle Cross Statues and Sculptures:

This is common information related to all of our Fallen Soldier Battle Cross statues, but it is important information that you should read at least once.

FBI Anti-Piracy Copyright Protection WarningFirst, it is very important for you to know that this is copyright protected artwork, and registered with the US Copyright Office, registration number VAu000697427.  Due to a never-ending battle against copyright infringement, I include the following warning.

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

Advertencia Antipirateria del FBI: La reproducción o distribución no autorizada de una obra protegida por derechos de autor es ilegal. La infracción criminal de los derechos de autor, incluyendo la infracción sin lucro monetario, es investigada por el FBI y es castigable con pena de hasta cinco años en prisión federal y una multa de $250,000.


Richard Rist, the artist and owner of The Large Art Company, is a veteran and a life member of the VFW.  His only brother Jim is also a veteran, as was his father, grandfather, and many uncles.

After 9/11, and the beginning of the war in Afghanistan in 2001, Mr. Rist began getting calls from parents and spouses of members of the armed services who were killed.  These families were hoping to build a memorial to their lost loved one, but unfortunately there were no pre-made sculptures to offer, and getting anything custom-made was beyond what they could afford.  After several of these heart-wrenching phone calls, Mr. Rist decided create a memorial sculpture at his own expense.

As Mr. Rist was contemplating a design for a memorial sculpture he viewed numerous pictures coming back from Afghanistan and noticed that it was common to arrange the boots, rifle, and helmet of the fallen service member; and the surviving members of their unit would pay their respects.  Mr. Rist felt that if this arangment was a suitable memorial for the troops in the battlefield, it was good enough for him.  So in late 2002 began recreating this battlefield ceremony.  The sculpture was completed in 2003, and he would call it the Fallen Soldier Battle Cross.  Since Mr. Rist was the first to create a sculpture of this arrangement he filed a copyright application for the arrangement and the title Fallen Soldier-Battle Cross with the US Copyright Office.  That application was approved and the  registration number is VAu000697427.  So if you see any 3 dimensional reproductions of this arrangement, they are in direct violation of Mr. Rist's copyright, and subject to civil and legal penalties.  All original works include the inscription (c) 2004 Richard Rist.

Richard Rist in VFW Magazine May 2017Mr Rist has gone on to dedicate his career to creating bronze statuary for military and veteran memorials and monuments.  The Department of Defense has recognized Mr. Rist's copyright, and has worked closely with him over the years providing samples of various pieces of military gear to be used as models for future sculptures.  He created Fallen Soldier Battle Cross sculptures for Special Forces using the newest M4 Carbine rifle with a PEQ2 Laser sight, and an M68 Optical Lens (scope).  He has created similar sculptures using Vietnam era equipment as well as sculptures for WWII and WWI.  He later created a sculpture called Taps, that symbolizes the sacrafice of our military over generations of service.  In 2007 Mr. Rist was commissioned to create a Fallen Soldier Battle Cross at two times life size.  In May 2017 Mr. Rist was featureed in VFW Magazine for his work on military and veteran monuments and memorials.

Availability - Please call for availability

Plaques - Depending on the situation, you may be interested a bronze plaque to go with your sculpture.  They can be a nice addition for public art displays to indicate the significance of the sculpture to you or your organization.  Sometimes our sculptures are displayed in memory of someone lost or in honor of someone special.  Other times they are displayed by civic groups and plaques can be used to recognize their effort or contribution.  No matter the reason, a bronze plaque can be a tasteful finishing touch on your sculpture display.  Our bronze plaques are cast of high quality bronze and have been used on some of the most important monument displays around the United States and will last for centuries.

Some of our sculptures will accommodate a plaque attached directly to the sculpture or it can be displayed separately on a stake-mount or post-mount.  Each plaque is custom made with your choice of size and wording.  We can even integrate metal etched photographs into a plaque.  Just to give you an idea, most dedication plaques of this nature cost between $300 - $500, plus the cost of special services such as metal photos or stake-mounts. If you think a bronze plaque might be a nice addition to your sculpture display you should give us a call and we can explain your options and pricing.  To see some examples of plaques we have made in the past visit the Bronze Plaques section on our website

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