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Buying Bronze Sculptures and Statues

by Richard Rist 

  If you are shopping for a bronze sculpture or statue you have come to the right place.  Here we are going to lay out the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.  This article is useful for the first-time bronze buyer to the seasoned collector. 

A bronze sculpture collection is a wonderful thing.  I know because I have been a bronze collector for over 20 years.  I am also an artist and have created a few bronze sculptures myself.  Today, I own The Large Art Company, a gallery and global art dealership that is devoted almost exclusively to bronze sculptures and statues.  I've purchased quality limited edition sculptures, open edition sculptures, imported sculptures, junk sculptures and just about any quality level you can imagine.  I've purchased from galleries, dealers, antique shops, auctions and estate sales, online, off-line and on the telephone.  I have made tremendous investments and I've been ripped off.  So I know first hand that making a bronze sculpture purchase can be difficult and somewhat confusing.

Let me get one bit of housekeeping out of the way and that is the difference between a bronze sculpture and a bronze statue.  In my mind, and for the purposes of this article, they are one in the same.  An original sculpture created in clay or some other medium is molded and cast in bronze.  Hence the term bronze sculpture.  However, the sculpture was not really done in bronze, so a more accurate description might really be bronze casting.  Because many sculptures are figurative in nature they are often referred to as statues.  But, clearly, not all sculptures are figurative, so it would be a misnomer to call all sculptures statues.  However, it has become common to use both terms interchangeably, although neither is completely accurate for all bronze art.

Bronze sculptures and statues come in all shapes and sizes.  The designs are only limited by the artist's imagination. 


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