Bronze statues and bronze sculptures  

bronze Children statues and children sculptures.  Great for garden statues and garden sculptures

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- A -
A Woman's Touch  [more]
Abraham Lincoln Bust  [more]
Age of Bronze  [more]
Alligator Statue Life-size Statue  [more]
Alpine Boy with Puppy Statue  [more]
American Eagle 17"  [more]
American Eagle Statue  [more]
American Pride by Max Turner  [more]

- B -
Bald Eagle Statue  [more]
Ballerina in Flight  [more]
Baseball Boy  [more]
Baseball Boy Pitcher  [more]
Bat Lady  [more]
Before the Race  [more]
Best Friends  [more]
Bicycle Springtime by Icart  [more]
Big Pointer Dog  [more]
Blind Justice - Naughty Version  [more]
Blind Justice Life-size  [more]
Blind Justice small  [more]
Blind Justice Statue (Themis)  [more]
Blue Marlin White Marlin Statue  [more]
Boy & Girl on Horse  [more]
Boy & Girl Reading on a Log  [more]
Boy and Girl on Trike  [more]
Boy Fishing in Tree  [more]
Boy on Bench with Soccer Ball  [more]
Boy on World  [more]
Boy on World-small  [more]
Boy Playing Cello  [more]
Boy Reading with Puppy  [more]
Boy with Books  [more]
Boy With Telescope  [more]
Boys on Ladder  [more]
Boys on Tire Swing  [more]
Boys Playing Leap Frog  [more]
Boys Playing With Car  [more]
Break Time by Paul Anderson  [more]
Bronco Buster Heroic  [more]
Buda  [more]
Buffalo after Remington  [more]
Bull & Bear Reversible  [more]
Bull & Bear small  [more]
Bull & Bear Wall Street  [more]
Bull (jumbo)  [more]
Bull Head Down  [more]
Bull Head Up  [more]
Burghers of Calais  [more]

- C -
Cathedral  [more]
Champagne Girl  [more]
Champagne Girl small  [more]
Children on a Swing  [more]
Children on Seesaw  [more]
Chimpanzee Monkey Sculpture  [more]
Clydesdale horse  [more]
Coin Dancer  [more]
Cougar / Panther / Mnt. Lion Statue  [more]
Covered Wagon  [more]

- D -
David Statue Life-Size  [more]
Deer Statue Life-Size  [more]
Discovering Nature  [more]
Discus Thrower  [more]
Duck & Ducklings Statue  [more]

- E -
Elk Sculpture  [more]
End of the Trail  [more]
End of the Trail 13"  [more]
End of the Trail 32"  [more]
End of the Trail 9"  [more]
English Hunter with Hound  [more]
Eternal Spring  [more]
Eve by Rodin  [more]

- F -
Fallen Soldier Half Life Size  [more]
Fallen Soldier Memorial  [more]
Fallen Soldier Monument  [more]
Fascination by Icart 21"  [more]
Fighting Eagles Statue Life-Size  [more]
Fighting Elk  [more]
Fighting Stallions  [more]
Firefighter Boy  [more]
First Date  [more]
Frog Golfer Human Size  [more]
Frog Pouring Wine  [more]
Frog Violinist  [more]
Frolic by Max Turner  [more]

- G -
Girl on a Tricycle  [more]
Girl on Swing  [more]
Girl Playing Flute  [more]
Girl Reading with Cat  [more]
Girl Running with Dog  [more]
Girl Walking Dogs  [more]
Girl With Wheelbarrow  [more]
Girls Playing in Fountain  [more]
Golden Retriever  [more]
Golden Years  [more]
Golfer Boy  [more]
Golfer by Max Turner  [more]
Gorilla Larger than Life  [more]
Greyhound by P.J. Mene'  [more]
Grizzly Bear Statue  [more]

- I -
Illusion by Icart  [more]

- J -
John F. Kennedy Bust  [more]
John The Baptist  [more]

- K -
Kids in a Tree Bronze Sculpture  [more]
Kids Playing on Monkey Bars  [more]
Kids Walking on a Log  [more]

- L -
L'Accolade  [more]
L'Accolade 23"  [more]
Lazy Days Statue  [more]
Learning to Read  [more]
Lion Standing - Left  [more]
Lion Standing Right & Left   [more]
Lion Statue Life-Size   [more]
Lion Woman  [more]
Looking Pretty by Icart  [more]

- M -
Mailbox Boy  [more]
Mask of Sorrow  [more]
Meditation by Rodin  [more]
Moose  [more]
Mother & Daughter  [more]
Mother and Children Statue  [more]
Mountain Man-Heroic  [more]
Mounting Nuts  [more]

- N -
Nude Girl Seated on Rock  [more]

- O -
Old Chief Stogie  [more]
Owl Monumental  [more]
Owl Statue  [more]
Owl Statue Small  [more]

- P -
Panther  [more]
Playing Dolphins by Nardini  [more]
Pope John Paul Sculpture  [more]

- R -
Ram Statue-Big Horn Sheep  [more]
Remington Bronco Buster 10"  [more]
Remington Bronco Buster 13"  [more]
Remington Bronco Buster 33"  [more]
Remington Bronco Buster Desktop  [more]
Remington Bronco Buster Monumental size  [more]
Remington Buffalo Horse  [more]
Remington Buffalo Horse 12 1/2"  [more]
Remington Buffalo Horse 15"  [more]
Remington Buffalo Hunt  [more]
Remington Buffalo Hunt  [more]
Remington Cheyenne 11 1/2"  [more]
Remington Cheyenne 31"  [more]
Remington Cheyenne 8.5"  [more]
Remington Cheyenne Desktop  [more]
Remington Coming Through Rye 10.5"  [more]
Remington Coming Through the Rye  [more]
Remington Coming Through the Rye (original size)  [more]
Remington Coming Through the Rye 7"  [more]
Remington Escape  [more]
Remington Horsethief  [more]
Remington Horsethief  [more]
Remington Horsethief 32"  [more]
Remington Mountain Man 12"  [more]
Remington Mountain Man 13.5"  [more]
Remington Mountain Man 38"  [more]
Remington Mountain Man Desktop  [more]
Remington Old Dragoons 13"  [more]
Remington Old Dragoons Desktop  [more]
Remington Outlaw  [more]
Remington Rattlesnake 11.5"  [more]
Remington Rattlesnake 32.5"  [more]
Remington Rattlesnake 9"  [more]
Remington Rattlesnake Desktop  [more]
Remington Stampede  [more]
Remington Stampede (large)  [more]
Remington Stampede (small)  [more]
Remington Wicked Pony  [more]
Remington Wicked Pony 37"  [more]
Remington Wicked Pony 9"  [more]
Remington Wounded Bunkie  [more]
Remington Wounded Bunkie 9"  [more]
Rosa Parks Bust  [more]

- S -
Saint Michael the Archangel  [more]
School Teacher by Auguste Moreau  [more]
Slave Trader  [more]
Soccer Boy  [more]
Soccer Girl  [more]
Solo Dancer Statue  [more]
Squirrel bronze statue  [more]
Stagecoach by Russell (large)  [more]
Stagecoach by Russell (small)  [more]
Stallion (small)  [more]
Stallion Horse Statue  [more]
Stallion Life-Size  [more]
Stallion Monumental Size  [more]
Story Time  [more]
Study Time  [more]
Sun Girl  [more]

- T -
Tango  [more]
Taps Monument Statue  [more]
The Doctor is In  [more]
The Kiss  [more]
The Kiss 11"  [more]
The Thinker (small)  [more]
The Thinker by Rodin  [more]
The Thinker Heroic Size  [more]
Three Kids on a Log  [more]
Tiger Statue Life-Size  [more]
Tiger w/2" Base  [more]
Tiger w/24" Base  [more]
Trojan Spartan Roman Soldier Statue  [more]
Trooper of the Plains  [more]
Trooper of the Plains 11 1/2"  [more]
Trooper of the Plains 26"   [more]
Trooper of the Plains 9 1/2"  [more]
Two Kids on a Bench Bronze Statue  [more]

- W -
Wildcat - Bobcat  [more]

- Y -
Young Horse Statue - Life Size  [more]
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