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5 Kids in a Tree Statue
  Retail Price: $17,035.00
  Our Price:         $10,455.00
Mounting nuts welded under sculpture for permanent installation
Five Kids in a Tree by Ken Ross

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Wow! This is a true monumental size sculpture here! Count them, 5 children playing in a tree and cast in pure bronze to last for hundreds of years. Standard, this sculpture comes as 5 boys. However, we can customize to replace 2 of the boys with girls (as show). Also, the ball and bird can be brown (as shown) or white. Also, the swing actually moves. However, we can weld that tight so it will not move as well. Measures 93" tall by 54" deep and 52" wide. Mounting nuts can be welded under the base for secure installations. We have these cast ourselves using high quality American bronze. This sculpture would look great in a garden or park or at a school, library or other public venue. It is intended for outdoor display and will last for hundreds of years with little maintenance. For more information about care and cleaning click here. We love working with schools and your purchase orders and checks are accepted. Please specify when ordering.

Measures 93" high by 54" long and 52" wide. Weight approximately 650 lbs.

This is not one of the mass-produced and low-quality import children statues you may have seen before. Similar sculptures are made all over the world because the copyrights have expired and the molds are readily available on the commercial market. However, that is where the similarities end. For more information about what makes our bronze sculptures and bronze statues different, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Since we have our bronze sculptures and bronze statues cast ourselves, we can offer choices in colors and other options. Some customers have ordered this piece all statuary brown and all Verdi green. There are no extra costs for minor customizations. Mounting nuts can be welded under the sculpture for permanent installations. The welding fee is $50 and can be added to your order above.
For more information about permanent installation click here.

Feel free to order online, but we love to have you call too. It allows us to at least put a voice with the order and answer any questions.

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